Welcome to the new OCTA.net

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Welcome to the new OCTA.net

The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) has built a new website in order to better serve the residents and stakeholders of Orange County. The completely rebuilt OCTA.net is a leap forward in both technology and user experience, and is designed based on the needs of the website’s users.

OCTA.net’s new look focuses on improving user experience across a variety of devices and takes a “mobile-first” approach to account for the increasing use of smartphones and tablets. A dramatically enhanced layout improves access to customer and stakeholder information. There are several elements of the new OCTA.net that represent a major change from past websites, and follow the best practices of modern website design.

Mobile First Architecture

The new website is built on a best-in-class responsive architecture to accommodate new and future devices across desktop, tablet and mobile environments. The design is optimized to adapt to each device, displaying a friendly-user layout while prioritizing relevant content and minimizing page load time. Each page balances facilitating quick action-oriented tasks with beautiful interaction design. 

User Experience

Our development team placed the users at the center of each decision made about the new website. Because OCTA.net’s audience is so broad, key functions of the website accommodate a variety of entrance points and user needs. The website is designed to be easy to navigate by many different types of visitors, while providing powerful interactive tools and easy access to an enormous repository of information.

A Thoughtful Home Page

As the most-visited page on the site, a significant amount of thought and effort was given to the home page. The page was designed to meet the needs of those who are browsing it. Commuters can instantaneously plan their trip, while others can immediately identify their category and discover relevant and popular content. The home page is also geared to give a snapshot of active initiatives and campaigns.

Research & Planning

A comprehensive User Experience Audit, including public surveys and the involvement of key stakeholders, revealed areas that needed improvements as well as areas that were performing successfully. The information gathered in the research has been integrated into the new website, combining OCTA’s commitment to providing quality services and public documentation with the needs of the community.

A New Website for You

All of the new elements of OCTA.net were built to make it easier to find information and interact with OCTA. Please explore the website, starting with the homepage, to find tools for accessing transportation services and learning more about OCTA’s projects. We hope that you find that the new website meets your needs. Please provide any feedback you may have about the new OCTA.net by taking a quick survey.


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