Playing it safe around the train

Riding with Metrolink is an extremely safe way to travel. In fact, train travel is nearly 30 times safer than traveling by automobile. To help ensure that everyone who interacts with our trains does so safely, we ask you to follow these safety tips.

On the passenger platform

  • Wait behind the line while standing on the platform. Train stops are brief, so board immediately.
  • Never run on or toward the station platform.
  • Allow passengers to exit the train before boarding.
  • Not all trains stop at every station.
Onboard the train

  • Hold the handrail when climbing or descending the train’s stairs.
  • Store your belongings under your seat or on your lap, not in the aisles.
  • Collect your belongings and move toward the exit as soon as your station stop is announced.
  • Secure bicycles with the straps located across from the restrooms. Only two bicycles may be stored in each car.
  • Never lean on the doors or attempt to hold them open.

Crossings and Tracks

  • Do not walk or play along the tracks. It is illegal and could result in serious injury or death.
  • Never cross the tracks when the gates are down or when the signal indicates that a train is coming. Flashing lights and ringing bells mean STOP and wait for the train to pass.
  • Many trains operate using a passenger car-forward configuration. Even though you don’t see an engine, the train could still be coming toward you.
  • There are often two or more sets of tracks at the same crossing. If you see one train stopped, ycheck to see if another train is approaching on the opposite side.
  • Trains travel up to 90 mph, and weigh 450 tons. It takes more than half a mile for a train traveling at full speed to stop.
  • Trains sound a warning horn at most highway and pedestrian crossings.
  • Cross the tracks at designated locations only.
  • Always look both ways and use extreme caution.