Orange County Transportation Authority

Riding Tips

Mind Your Manners

Following these simple rules will make train riding more pleasant for everyone.

  • Each rider may occupy only one seat, and no feet on the seats, please.
  • Store your bags under the seat if possible.
  • Keep designated seats available for seniors and disabled passengers.
  • Shoes and shirts required.
  • Snacks are okay, but please use the trash cans on board.
  • No smoking, alcohol, or hazardous materials on board the train. No smoking on station platforms where indicated.
  • Animals must be in a small pet carrier under the seat or on your lap. Service animals are welcome.
  • Bikes are allowed on trains at all times. Regular bikes should be secured using wheel straps available on certain passenger cars. Folding bikes should be folded, carried onto the train and stored like any other carry-on item. Each train car can hold up to three bikes. The special Bike Cars can hold up to 18 bikes on the lower level. Train personnel may ask cyclists to wait for the next train if bike storage is unavailable. Motorized or three-wheeled bikes are not permitted on trains.
  • Surfboards are not allowed on Metrolink trains. Boogie boards, skim boards, body boards and other types of water boards are permitted as long as they do not block aisles, seats or emergency exit windows. Any personal belongings that are blocking aisles, seats or emergency exit windows will need to be placed on the passenger’s lap, under the seat or removed from the train. 
Use headphones when listening to music or watching DVDs.
  • Be considerate of others when using your cell phone.
  • No soliciting.
  • Do not leave bags unattended on the platform or the train.

100% Accessible

  • Metrolink trains are full accessible to persons with disabilities. Each train car has a fully accessible restroom.
  • A personal care attendant rides free with a passenger who is disabled.
  • Service animals are welcome.
  • Passengers requiring boarding assistance should wait at the top of the access ramp located at the end of the platform. Wheelchairs and Segways can only be accommodated on the lower level of the passenger car that stops opposite the platform access ramp. Brackets are available to secure wheelchairs during your trip, however, Metrolink does not currently have an approved method of securing Segways. Metrolink is not responsible for any damage caused to a Segway for any reason, including a sudden stop of the train.
    Segway transporters are not permitted on trains except when used as a mobility device for passengers with disabilities.
  • Passengers should wait for the conductor to position the bridge plate to the access ramp before walking their Segways onto or off of the train.
  • If asked, please provide the conductor with your disabled Metrolink ticket and proof of eligibility.
  • With a 48-hour advance request, a Metrolink Representative can provide assistance at the station. Please call
    800-371-LINK (5465), or 800-698-4TDD (4833) for speech and hearing-impaired customers.