LA Rams Train

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  • LA Rams Train

  • No traffic. No hassles. No brainer!

    Pass on game day traffic and catch the Metrolink Rams Train to cheer on the blue and gold at the L.A. Coliseum. Only 10 bucks round trip!

    Rams Train Schedule from Orange County

    • Sept. 18 vs Seattle
    • Nov. 6 vs Carolina
    • Nov. 20 vs Miami
    • Dec. 11 vs Atlanta
    • Dec. 24 vs San Francisco
    • Jan. 1 vs Arizona

    Riding Metrolink Is Super Easy

    Just board a convenient Metrolink train near your home and take it to L.A. Union Station. From there, transfer to L.A. Metro Rail and you’ll be at the coliseum quickly and easily with a few simple transfers. Transfers to L.A. Metro Rail are free with your Metrolink ticket. After the game, take the L.A. Metro Rail back to Union Station.

    Locate your station and schedule from the accompanying list. Be sure to arrive at the station about 15 minutes before departure time. Then, buy your ticket on the platform from the easy-to-use Ticket Vending Machines (TVM). Tickets are not sold on board.

    At the TVM, enter your departure station using the convenient menu. Next, select your destination – LAUS, short for L.A. Union Station. Choose a regular round-trip ticket and enter the number of passengers. Pay using credit or debit cards or cash.

    You’ll need your paper ticket for free connections to the L.A. Metro Rail subway lines. Just TAP the ticket on the TAP target at the turnstile, and the gate will release.

    Ready to cheer on your team? Let’s go!

    How to Ride the Rams Train to the L.A. Coliseum

    Train to the Game
    Orange County to Los Angeles
    Train Number 673X
    Laguna Niguel 9:35 AM
    Irvine 9:45 AM
    Tustin 9:51 AM
    Santa Ana 9:57 AM
    Orange 10:02 AM
    Anaheim 10:07 AM
    Fullerton 10:15 AM
    Buena Park 10:24 AM
    Norwalk 10:32 AM
    LAUS (Los Angeles) 11:00 AM
    Back Home
    Los Angeles to Orange County
    Train Number 674X
    LAUS (Los Angeles) 7:00 PM
    Norwalk 7:22 PM
    Buena Park 7:29 PM
    Fullerton 7:35 PM
    Anaheim 7:42 PM
    Orange 7:47 PM
    Santa Ana 7:53 PM
    Tustin 8:00 PM
    Irvine 8:09 PM
    Laguna Niguel 8:25 PM
    San Juan Capistrano 8:31 PM
    San Clemente 8:41 PM
    Oceanside 9:05 PM
    Train to the Game
    San Bernardino to Los Angeles
    Train Number 353X
    San Bernardino 8:25 AM
    Rialto 8:32 AM
    Fontana 8:37 AM
    Rancho Cucamonga 8:46 AM
    Upland 8:53 AM
    Montclair 8:59 AM
    Claremont 9:02 AM
    Pomona North 9:06 AM
    Covina 9:16 AM
    Baldwin Park 9:21 AM
    El Monte 9:35 AM
    Cal State LA 9:48 AM
    LAUS (Los Angeles) 10:05 AM
    Back Home
    Los Angeles to San Bernardino
    Train Number 372X
    LAUS (Los Angeles) 7:10 PM
    Cal State LA 7:21 PM
    El Monte 7:32 PM
    Baldwin Park 7:42 PM
    Covina 7:50 PM
    Pomona North 8:02 PM
    Claremont 8:06 PM
    Montclair 8:10 PM
    Upland 8:16 PM
    Rancho Cucamonga 8:23 PM
    Fontana 8:32 PM
    Rialto 8:38 PM
    San Bernardino 8:54 PM
    Train to the Game
    Antelope Valley to Los Angeles
    Train Number 274X
    Lancaster 9:35 AM
    Palmdale 9:45 AM
    Vincent Grade / Acton 9:56 AM
    Via Princessa 10:32 AM
    Santa Clarita 10:38 AM
    Newhall 10:45 AM
    Sylmar / San Fernando 10:59 AM
    Sun Valley 11:06 AM
    Downtown Burbank 11:13 AM
    Glendale 11:20 AM
    LAUS (Los Angeles) 11:35 AM
    Back Home
    Los Angeles to Antelope Valley
    Train Number 273X
    LAUS (Los Angeles) 7:00 PM
    Glendale 7:10 PM
    Downtown Burbank 7:17 PM
    Sun Valley 7:23 PM
    Sylmar / San Fernando 7:31 PM
    Newhall 7:45 PM
    Santa Clarita 7:53 PM
    Via Princessa 7:59 PM
    Vincent Grade / Acton 8:37 PM
    Palmdale 8:48 PM
    Lancaster 9:05 PM
    Train to the Game
    Perris Valley to Los Angeles
    Train Number 753X
    Perris - South 8:15 AM
    Perris Downtown 8:22 AM
    Moreno Valley - March Field 8:35 AM
    Hunter Park - UCR 8:46 AM
    Riverside Downtown 9:00 AM
    Riverside - La Sierra 9:10 AM
    Corona - North Main 9:18 AM
    Corona - West 9:24 AM
    Fullerton 9:49 AM
    Buena Park 9:56 AM
    Norwalk / Santa Fe Springs 10:04 AM
    LAUS (Los Angeles) 10:40 AM
    Back Home
    Los Angeles to Perris Valley
    Train Number 754X
    LAUS (Los Angeles) 7:12 PM
    Norwalk / Santa Fe Springs 7:33 PM
    Buena Park 7:39 PM
    Fullerton 7:46 PM
    Corona - West 8:10 PM
    Corona - North Main 8:17 PM
    Riverside - La Sierra 8:26 PM
    Riverside Downtown 8:39 PM
    Hunter Park - UCR 8:52 PM
    Moreno Valley - March Field 9:05 PM
    Perris - Downtown 9:14 PM
    Perris - South 9:25 PM

    *Note: there is no weekend service on Metrolink's Riverside or Ventura County lines.

    Continue to the Coliseum on L.A. Metro Rail

    No worries. No hassles. You’ll get there quickly and easily. Free transfers…no money required.

    • At L.A. Union Statin, transfer to Metro Red or Purple Subway Lines
    • Exit at 7th Street/Metro Center Station
    • Walk upstairs to transfer to Metro Expo Line toward Santa Monica
    • Exit at Expo Park/USC Station or Expo/Vermont Station
    • From either stop, it’s a short 5-minute walk to the coliseum

    Return to L.A. Union Station on L.A. Metro Rail

    • From Expo Park/USC Station or Expo/Vermont Station, take the Metro Expo Line toward 7th St/Metro Center Station
    • Exit at 7th St/Metro Center Station
    • Take Metro Red or Purple Subway Line toward L.A. Union Station
    • Exit at L.A. Union Station

    From L.A. Union Station:

    The Rams Train will depart L.A Union Station one hour and 15 minutes after the game ends and will travel to all stops on the OC and 91/PV lines.

    Clear Bag Policy at the Coliseum

    Coliseum regulations require fans to carry only the following at stadium plaza areas, stadium gates, or when approaching lines of fans awaiting entry into the stadium:

    • Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12” x 6” x 12.” Official clear plastic tote bags are available at or at your local Albertsons, Vons or Pavilions.
    • One-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (Ziploc bag or similar).
    • Small clutch bags, approximately the size of a hand, with or without a handle or strap, may be carried into the stadium along with one of the clear bag options.
    • An exception will be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection at a gate designated for this purpose.
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