Metrolink USC Football Express

Special train service takes fans to and from big home game

Cheer on the Trojans at a Thursday night home game starting at 7:30 p.m. at the Coliseum with help from Metrolink! OCTA will provide a special Metrolink train called the USC Football Express to take Orange County fans to and from the big game against the Arizona Wildcats on October 10. Just board a convenient Metrolink train near your home and take it to LA Union Station. From there, transfer to LA Metro Rail and you’ll be at the Coliseum quickly and easily with a few simple transfers. Transfers to LA Metro Rail are free. After the game, take LA Metro Rail back to LA Union Station where you can catch Metrolink's USC Football Express back to OC.

Leave traffic and parking hassles behind

Why fight your way through traffic and crowded parking lots? Jump on the USC Football Express and enjoy a smooth hassle-free ride to the big game. Save your energy – and money – to spend at the game. Have fun with a train full of USC fans. Go Trojans!

Riding Metrolink is super easy

Riding Metrolink is easy and convenient. Just locate your station and schedule below. Be sure to arrive at the station about 15 minutes before departure time. Then, buy your ticket right there on the platform from the a ticket vending machines (TVM). Tickets are not sold on board.

At the TVM, enter your departure station by using the convenient menu. Next, select your destination – LA Union Station. Choose a regular roundtrip ticket and enter the number of passengers. Pay using credit or debit cards or cash. Click here for Metrolink ticket prices. You’re on your way!

Some more good news: Once you buy your roundtrip Metrolink ticket, you pay nothing for trains for the rest of the evening. Your transfer to LA Metro Rail is free!

When connecting to LA Metro Rail, you must tap your ticket at the turnstile or validator for a valid transfer. Visit for more info. For onsite TAP assistance, visit a Gate Help Phone.

Ready to cheer on your team? Let’s go!

Begin your trip in Orange County with Metrolink

Continue on with LA Metro Rail (free transfer)  

No worries. No hassles. You’ll be there quickly and easily. Free transfer…no money required.

From LA Union Station:

  • Follow the signs and walk toward the Red or Purple lines
  • Take Red Line toward North Hollywood or Purple Line toward Wilshire/Western (Trains leave every five minutes; travel time is also 5 minutes)
  • Exit at 7th St/Metro Center Station
  • From 7th St/Metro Center Station, take Expo Line toward Culver City (Almost there! Trains leave every 10 minutes; travel time is also 10 minutes)
  • Exit at Expo Park/USC or Expo/Vermont Station and walk one block south to the Coliseum

Your return home begins with LA Metro Rail

  • From Expo Park/USC or Expo/Vermont Station, take the Expo Line toward 7th St/Metro Center Station (trains leave every 10 minutes)
  • Exit at 7th St/Metro Center Station
  • From 7th St/Metro Center Station, take Red Line or Purple Line toward LA Union Station (trains leave every 10 minutes)
  • Exit at LA Union Station

Continue to Orange County with Metrolink

From LA Union Station:

  • The USC Football Express will depart LA Union Station one hour and 15 minutes after the game ends and travel south to Oceanside and all points in between.