Regional Capacity Program

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Regional Capacity Program

In March 2011, Measure M officially came to a close with a majority of projects complete, with only a few nearing completion. Measure M included the regional streets and roads component comprised of smart streets, regionally significant interchanges, intersection improvements, signal coordination and transportation demand management.

The Regional Capacity Program (RCP) is a competitive program that will provide more than $1 billion over a thirty year period. The RCP replaces the Measure M Local and Regional streets and roads competitive programs.

The RCP focuses on improvements to the Master Plan of Arterial Highways (MPAH). The MPAH serves as the backbone of Orange County’s arterial street network. Improvements to the network are required to meet existing needs and address future demand. The RCP is made up of three (3) individual program categories which provide improvements to the network:

  • The Arterial Capacity Enhancements (ACE) improvement category complements freeway improvement initiatives underway and supplements development mitigation opportunities on arterials throughout the MPAH.
  • The Intersection Capacity Enhancements (ICE) improvement category provides funding for operational and capacity improvements at intersecting MPAH roadways.
  • The Freeway Arterial/Streets Transition (FAST) focuses upon street to freeway interchanges and includes added emphasis upon arterial transitions to interchanges.

Projects in the arterial, intersection and interchange improvement categories are selected on a competitive basis. All projects must meet specific criteria in order to compete for funding through this program.

Also included under the RCP is the Rail Grade Separation Program (RGSP), which is meant to address vehicle delays and safety issues related to at-grade rail crossings. Seven rail crossing projects along the MPAH network were identified by the California Transportation Commission to receive Trade Corridors Improvement Funds (TCIF). These TCIF allocations required an additional local funding commitment. To meet this need, the Board approved the commitment of $160 million in RCP funds to be allocated from M2. The RGSP captures these prior funding commitments. Future calls for projects for grade separations are not anticipated.

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