Orange County Transportation Authority

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Comprehensive Transportation Funding Programs

Comprehensive Transportation Funding Programs

A robust freeway network, high occupancy vehicle & toll lanes, a master plan of arterial highways, extensive fixed route and demand response bus service, commuter rail, and bicycle/pedestrian facilities comprise Orange County’s transportation system. Separate agencies manage and maintain each transportation component with a common purpose: mobility.

OCTA is responsible for the planning and coordination of county regional transportation components. Local agencies generally oversee construction and maintenance of roadway improvements using a combination of regional and local funding sources derived from grants and formula distributions.

The Comprehensive Transportation Funding Programs (CTFP) represents a collection of competitive grant programs offered to local agencies to assist in funding street improvements, transit expansion, and even environmental mitigation projects. The CTFP is comprised primarily of M2 funds, but can also include state/federal funding sources such as the Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP) and supplemental State-Local Partnership Program (SLPP) funds.

The CTFP was created to provide a common set of guidelines and project selection criteria for a variety of funding programs., establishing a simplified and consistent process. Each program has a specific objective, funding source and set of selection criteria detailed in separate chapters contained within these guidelines.

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