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  • Pat Haslam talks w/ OCTA about "Measure M projects" in OC

  • Transportation in 2: Measure M's Accomplishments

  • Measure M: Promises Made, Promises Kept

  • Measure M: Putting Your Tax Dollars to Work

    For more than 20 years, Measure M has been the major force behind traffic congestion relief in Orange County. Measure M is the half cent sales tax for transportation improvements first approved by Orange County voters in 1990, and renewed by voters for a 30-year extension in 2006. The combined measures raise the sales tax in Orange County by one-half cent through 2041 to alleviate traffic congestion.

    M1: Promises Made, Promises Kept

    Under the first Measure M program (M1), more than $4 billion worth of transportation improvements for Orange County were achieved, including the widening of State Route 22 – a project not included in the original plan. As a result, M1 was responsible for adding 192 freeway lane miles, improving 170 intersections and 38 freeway interchanges, and implementing Metrolink service in Orange County, which now carries the equivalent of one lane of traffic on the I-5 Freeway. Learn More.

    M2: Paving the Way for the Future

    With the sunset of M1, voters approved a continuation of transportation improvements through the Measure M Transportation Investment Plan (M2). By the year 2041, the M2 program plans to deliver approximately $15.8 billion* worth of transportation improvements to Orange County. Major improvement plans target Orange County freeways, streets and roads, transit and environmental programs. Learn more.

    M2020 Plan: Accelerating Improvements

    The M2020 Plan will expedite M2 projects through bonding to take advantage of the current low bid environment and interest rates that haven't been this low since 1966.  The plan outlines the M2 projects and programs that can be accomplished between now and the year 2020, along with anticipated schedules and major milestones. The plan also includes detailed information on each project or program. The M2020 Plan will deliver more than $5 billion worth of transportation improvements bringing mobility relief years sooner to Orange County residents. Learn more.


    *Forecast as of 9/30/14

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M2 Investment Plan Highlights

  • Protecting Our Environment

    Improving water quality by decreasing oil and pollution runoff

    Addressing environmental impacts to freeways by preserving open space