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  • Employer Toolkit: Digital Engagement

  • Utilize some of the engaging activities below to spark interest about ridesharing around the office. We’ve organized various tools by category.

    Download a copy of the March 26 ETC Marketing Workshop presentation: Engaging Your Audience with Digital Tools

    • Add fun games and contests to boost co-worker participation in rideshare programs and promote the various benefits to ridesharing. Attach these games in an email, print them out and distribute them around the office, or post them on your Intranet.

    • Videos are one of the best ways to showcase the benefits to ridesharing. Upload the videos below to your Intranet to help co-workers become more familiar with each mode and how it can improve their commute. Or, if you have YouTube enabled, visit our YouTube page to view and share more videos. Of course, creating your own videos is also a great idea if you have the ability to do so.

      • Download these tutorials to familiarize some of the online tools that you can use to create valuable content and activities for your co-workers.
      • How to use Rafflecopter – Use this service to create a raffle that rewards participants based on how many tasks they complete. You can also use it to develop a rideshare tracking mechanism. Host this on social media or a web page.
      • How to use Offerpop – Use this service to create a variety of games, contests and more. Our favorites are the referral, photo contest and quiz apps. Host this on social media or a web page.
      • How to use SurveyMonkey – Use this service to create surveys, rideshare interest forms, commuter profiles and more. Paste links to these surveys in emails or on your Intranet.
      • How to join Instagram – We want you to like our Instagram page @GoOCTA and participate in our Bike Month Photo Contest. Learn the basics of Instagram here.
      • How to embed YouTube videos – If you have YouTube enabled, you can easily share the videos on our YouTube Channel with your co-workers by sending a link or embedding them on your Intranet.
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