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  • Vanpools

  • What is a Vanpool

    A vanpool is a group of people with a similar origin, destination and schedule, who share the costs of commuting and ride in a vehicle with 7 or more seats. The group divides the cost of the van, monthly rental, gas, insurance and other costs among themselves.


    • Save Money - not just on gas (up to 50%) but on maintenance and insurance
    • Ride in Comfort - vans are new models with luxury features
    • Save mileage on your car - the less you drive; the more you save
    • Save time and effort - let someone else do the driving. Use HOV and carpool lanes to get there faster and easier
    • Worry free - covered, scheduled preventive maintenance. You never have to take the van in; they come to you.

    How Does it Work?

    Vanpools can form on their own or with help from van providers, employers or OCTA. A group needs to have three things to form:
    1. A common destination (workplace)
    2. A common origin (within 5 miles of each other)
    3. A common schedule
    Once the group is together, the group must decide on who will be the primary driver/monthly rental agreement holder and alternate driver(s).
    The van gets on the road after signing an agreement with a van provider for the van and a participation agreement with OCTA for the monthly incentive.

    How Can OCTA help?

    OCTA provides a $400 a month, per van incentive. This is applied directly to the monthly rental fee from the van provider by OCTA. OCTA also provides help to employers to plan and run programs and to commuters to form vanpools.


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