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  • OCTA Teen Council

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    Ryan Maloney

    Acting Section Manager for Customer Engagement and Data Analytics

    (714) 560-5451
  • What is the OCTA Teen Council?

    The OCTA Teen Council consists of Orange County high school students who have applied and been selected to serve as a member on the council for a one year term. Throughout the year, Teen Council members will engage in transportation-related discussions and projects with OCTA staff and their peers. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to:

    • Share insights on emerging trends
    • Build leadership and teamwork skills
    • Enhance critical thinking and communications skills
    • Provide peers with transportation resource information
    • Engage in discussions, exchange ideas, and take part in projects
    • Participate in community service

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    The Teen Council holds monthly meetings, giving members opportunities to build leadership and teamwork skills, enhance critical thinking and communications skills, demonstrate commitment, generate forward-thinking ideas, and work together with OCTA staff to develop and implement strategic, collaborative projects.

    How to Apply

    Application to serve on the OCTA Teen Council is competitive and takes place once a year. OCTA is currently accepting applications for the 2017-2018 school year. Applications must be submitted by August 20, 2017. Sending instructions are included in the application (PDF link)

    Participation on the Teen Council adds a great highlight to students’ college applications and resumes!

    For further information, contact Ryan Maloney by email at rmaloney@octa.net, or by phone at (714) 560-5451.

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