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Tustin / Rose

Tustin/Rose Overcrossing
The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) will construct a vehicle overpass at the intersection of Tustin Avenue/Rose Drive (Tustin/Rose) and Orangethorpe Avenue, along the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway. Approximately 2,100 feet of Tustin/Rose will be elevated and realigned to pass over Orangethorpe Avenue and the railroad tracks.

Orangethorpe will be widened and restriped to accommodate turning lanes needed to connect to the access road, which will rise to meet the elevated Tustin/Rose roadway. The intersection will be open(with very limited closures) using a detour road during a substantial period of the construction phase.

When completed, the project will allow cars to safely cross over the railroad tracks, and train horns will no longer be needed at this rail crossing.


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