I-405 (SR-55 to I-5)

The project will add new lanes to the I-405 freeway from SR-55 to the I-5. The project will also improve chokepoints at interchanges and add merging lanes near on- and off-ramps such as Lake Forest Drive, Irvine Center Drive and SR-133 to improve the overall freeway operations in the I-405/I-5 El Toro "Y" area. The projects will generally be constructed within the existing right of way. 

This segment of the freeway carries 354,000 vehicles a day. This number will increase by nearly 13 percent, bringing it up to 401,000 vehicles per day by 2030. The project will increase freeway capacity and reduce congestion. In addition to the projects described above, regional plans include a new carpool interchange at Von Karman Avenue using federal and state funds.

The conceptual engineering effort is underway. Specific improvements will be subject to approved plans developed in cooperation with local jurisdictions and affected communities.

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Chris Boucly

Project Contact

Chris Boucly
Community Relations Officer
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Project Contact

Nicolette La Piana
Associate Community Relations Specialist
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