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A Better 91: The Riverside Freeway (SR-91)

Located in northern Orange County, the Riverside Freeway (SR-91) is one of the region's most vital, but also most congested, commuter and commercial corridors.

Every day, more than 300,000 commuters drive it to get to work, school, home and other essential destinations. And by 2035, more than 425,000 drivers are expected to travel the 91 daily.

The 91 connects residential communities in Riverside County with employment centers in Orange County. It also serves as a "bridge" that links commercial trucks transporting goods and products from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to key local, regional and even national markets.

Orange County visitors and locals alike also drive the 91 to get to world-class attractions and special events at Anaheim Stadium, The Honda Center, Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm and other destinations.

In short, the 91 helps drive our economy and quality of life. This is why building “A Better 91” is so important. Keeping the 91 moving helps keep Orange County moving.

Today, there are fourteen projects being studied or planned for the 91. From conception to construction, OCTA, Caltrans and the Riverside County Transportation Commission(RCTC) are working locally and regionally on projects that will add capacity, improve connectivity, increase mobility and enhance safety.

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Common Sense Makes Economic Sense
OCTA's commitment to building "A Better 91" not only makes common sense, it makes economic sense. That's why OCTA has made building "A Better 91" a central part of its transportation mission.

Building "A Better 91" helps protect Orange County's quality of life and keeps it on the road to prosperity. For years, OCTA has been leading local and regional efforts to deliver short, mid-term and long-range improvements to SR-91.

From the 91 Express Lanes, to new general purpose lanes and operational improvements, to financing feasibility studies for new transportation facilities altogether, OCTA’s focus and drive to build "A Better 91" for current and future generations is second to none.

Most recently, OCTA, Caltrans and RCTC finished the $65 million 91 Eastbound Lane Addition Project on schedule and under budget. The project, which added a new, nearly six-mile lane to a pivotal stretch of SR-91 between SR-241 and SR-71, has been a great success, but making improvements to the 91 are far from over.

Next Steps
A year ago, Caltrans and OCTA kicked-off the $75 million 91 Westbound and Eastbound Lane Widening Project, which will add a new lane in each direction between SR-55 and SR-241. As a result, getting to Yorba Linda and Anaheim Hills should be quicker and easier. The improvements should also help commuters making their way to and from Riverside County.

The project is scheduled to be complete in early 2013.

Later this year, or early in 2013, OCTA and Caltrans are slated to begin construction on the SR-91 Westbound Lane Addition Project. The project, which is in the final stages of design, will add a new four-mile westbound lane to a very congested portion of SR-91 as it nears the Orange County/Los Angeles County line. When completed, these two projects will deliver numerous benefits, from new lanes, to reconstructed on- and off-ramps, to standardized shoulders, to widened bridges and new striping.

OCTA hopes you'll get connected and stay informed of these projects by visiting the website and signing up for project and constructions alerts here.

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