Taxi Administration (OCTAP)


Regulating all Orange County Taxi Companies

Peace of mind. That’s what the Orange County Taxi Administration Program (OCTAP) offers to both riders and taxicab companies. The regulatory program administered by the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) ensures that whether you need a taxi or want to operate a taxicab, public safety comes first.

OCTAP accomplishes this by simplifying the regulation of taxicabs by centralizing the permitting of cab companies, vehicles and drivers. Through this consolidation of regulatory functions, customer service and industry standards have improved. It is a program that was launched in 1998 and continues to work on behalf of all 34 Orange County cities and the County of Orange.

What visitors don’t see when they jump into a taxicab at John Wayne Airport, or at one of the county’s many hotels, are the great lengths OCTAP goes through with each driver, taxicab company and vehicle. You’ll find OCTAP making criminal background checks and multi-point vehicle inspections, reviewing vehicle insurance documents and ensuring drivers have passed their annual drug and alcohol tests.

So when you see that OCTAP sticker on the back of a taxicab, you can rest assured that it is part of a program focused on help'n you... and keeping you safe.

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The Orange County Taxi Administration Program (OCTAP) is an association of Orange County cities and the County of Orange, created to coordinate taxicab service, permitting, and other administrative functions.

California Government Code § 53075.5 require each city and county develop taxicab regulations that, at a minimum provide for:

  • Permitting of taxicab drivers
  • Establishment of taxicab fares
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Disclosure of permit number in advertising

In addition to meeting the minimum requirements set forth by California Government Code, OCTAP member agencies require:

  • Annual criminal background investigations, and enrollment in a subsequent arrest notification program
  • Annual review of Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) driver records
  • Enrollment in a DMV program that notifies taxicab companies of any driver record activity that may occur between the regular annual reviews
  • Review and monitoring of company and vehicle insurance policies
  • Annual and random vehicle safety inspections
  • Fares that are equal to or less than the fare displayed on the fare meter regardless of the number of passengers transported
  • Acceptance of a credit card as a method of payment; providing a written fare receipt when requested
  • Lost and found policies for each taxicab company
  • 24-hour live dispatch service numbers for all taxicab companies

The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA), although not a member agency of OCTAP, administers the OCTAP program on behalf of the cities and the County of Orange.

OCTAP staff work closely with city and county enforcement agencies to support the enforcement of OCTAP regulations and local municipal codes pertaining to the operation of taxicabs in Orange County.

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