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A Better I-605

Improve freeway access and arterial connections to I-605 serving the communities of Los Alamitos and Cypress.

The project will be coordinated with other planned improvements along SR-22 and I-405. Specific improvements will be subject to approved plans developed in cooperation with local jurisdictions and affected communities. 

Regional plans also include the addition of new freeway-to-freeway carpool ramps to the I-405/I-605 interchange using federal and state funds. This improvement will connect to interchange improvements at I-405 and SR-22 as well as new freeway lanes between I-405 and I-605.

Chris Boucly

Project Contact

Chris Boucly
Community Relations Officer
(714) 560-5326


Project Contact

Nicolette La Piana
Associate Community Relations Specialist
(714) 560-5787

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