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Seal Beach Blvd. Bridge Reconstruction

The new east-half of the Seal Beach Boulevard bridge reopened Saturday, July 26 and now features four northbound lanes and three southbound lanes. As part of the WCC project, the Seal Beach Boulevard was reconstructed one half at a time, in order to widen the bridge and to accommodate the widening of the I-405 freeway below.

Now that the new lanes are open, crews will require two additional extended closures to realign / reconstruct two of the existing I-405 on- and off-ramps at Seal Beach Boulevard.

Long-Term Closures - Summer 2014

  • Long-Term Closure:

    The northbound I-405 loop on-ramp on Seal Beach Blvd. will be closed for approximately eight weeks, from Friday, July 25 through late-September 2014. Crews must realign and reconstruct this on-ramp to tie-in with the new east-half of the Seal Beach Blvd. bridge.

    However, the contractor advised Caltrans that the existing field conditions caused potential delays to the reconstruction of this ramp. Although the nature of construction is always evolving, this unfortunately, was an unforeseen field condition that involves installing fiber optic lines. The installation of these lines span across the on-ramp and crews encountered an existing drainage structure that impacts this installation and subsequently caused delays to the reconstruction of the ramp.

    Caltrans and OCTA sincerely understand how the WCC project’s closures impact commuters, residents and visitors to get to/from work, school and family functions, and we thank the community for their patience over the last four years.

    Although the reconstruction of this ramp does not include any incentive/disincentive penalties, as the first half of the Seal Beach Blvd. bridge did, Caltrans is working diligently with the contractor to resolve these issues and bring the schedule back on track to open the ramp in late September as originally planned. Once the ramp is open for travel, nightly closures will be required to complete the remaining activities behind the k-rail, such as placing the rock blanket, paving the slope and finalizing the barrier rail.

From Seal Beach Blvd. (north of I-405) proceed north to Katella Ave. 
Turn left to access NB I-605 on-ramp or continue on Katella Ave.
Left on Studebaker Rd. to access NB I-405 on-ramp

From Seal Beach Blvd. (south of I-405) continue south, turn right on Westminster Ave.
Right on Studebaker Ave. to access WB SR-22 / 7th St. on-ramp or continue north to access NB I-405 on-ramp



The Seal Beach Boulevard bridge over the I-405 freeway has been reconstructed one half at a time. In late summer 2012, the bridge was reduced to one lane in each direction, with a center median dedicated solely to emergency services vehicle. This configuration remained in place until the west half of the bridge was completed on Sunday, Sept. 15, 2013. On Saturday, July 26, 2014 the new east-half of the bridge was completed and opened to the public.

Seal Beach Boulevard Alternate Routes

Please be advised, intermittent nighttime closures will continue on Seal Beach Boulevard through the end of this year.

Seal Beach Blvd. Alternate Route

DISCLAIMER: Please be advised these dates and times are subject to change due to unforeseen operational factors or inclement weather.

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