West County Connectors

Construction Update

First WCC Carpool Link Set to Open on Friday, November 7
The carpool connector allowing drivers to directly transition from the carpool lane on the southbound I-405 to the carpool lane on the eastbound SR-22 is expected to open by 5 a.m. on Friday, November 7. This major milestone will alleviate the merging and weaving that was previously necessary for carpoolers to get from one freeway to the other.

This is the first link in a series of connectors to open as part of the WCC project. Over the next few weeks, crews will finish restriping the freeway in order to accommodate the remaining new carpool connectors. Once the freeway is restriped, there will be two carpool lanes in both directions of the I-405 between the SR-22 and the I-605. The remaining carpool connectors are tentatively scheduled to open in early December.

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The West County Connectors project is a joint partnership between OCTA and Caltrans linking high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes/carpool lanes on the San Diego Freeway (I-405) with those on the Garden Grove Freeway (SR-22) and San Gabriel River Freeway (I-605) to create a seamless carpool connection amongst the three freeways. The 6-mile project traverses the cities of Garden Grove, Westminster, Seal Beach, Los Alamitos, Long Beach and the community of Rossmoor. Construction began in September 2010 and is expected to be complete in late-fall 2014.

Project Improvements Include:

  • Constructing two direct carpool connectors
  • Adding a second carpool lane in each direction on the I-405 between the SR-22 and the I-605
  • Reconstructing on- and off-ramps
  • Constructing soundwalls and retaining walls
  • Adding landscaping and enhancing aesthetic elements

Project Video & PSA

Catch a glimpse of what the project area will look like upon completion of the WCC project.

The project is split into two segments – east and west segments.

EAST SEGMENT: SR-22/I-405 Carpool Connector

  • Directly connect the westbound SR-22 carpool lane at Valley View Street to the carpool lane on the northbound I-405 and the reverse movement
  • Reconstruct southbound I-405 to eastbound SR-22 connector
  • Reconstruct the Valley View Street Bridge over the SR-22

SR22/1-405 Connector

WEST SEGMENT: I-405/I-605 Carpool Connector

  • Directly connect the northbound I-405 carpool lane to the carpool lane on the northbound I-605 and the reverse movement.
  • Reconstruct the Seal Beach Boulevard bridge over I-405. Click for more information.
  • Reconstruct the eastbound SR-22 to the northbound I-405 connector.
  • Reconstruct the eastbound SR-22 to the northbound I-605 connector.
  • Reconstruct the northbound I-405 to the westbound SR-22 connector /7th St.

405/605 Connector



Project Contact

Nicolette La Piana
Associate Community Relations Specialist
(714) 560-5787