Service Improvements


The Bus Service Change Improvements Highlights provides a summary of the upcoming service changes to the OCTA bus system. It will also provide some alternate choices when service has been discontinued. This service change has some minor schedule adjustments but has allowed for focus in some of the areas where more service is needed.

Schedule Adjustments were made to the following routes: 21, 24, 25, 26, 30, 33, 47, 50, 51, 53, 54, 55, 57, 59, 71, 76, 79, 82, 85, 90, 91, 129, 143, 153, 188, 191, 193 and 216.

Discontinued Trips occurred to the following routes due to very low ridership: 25, 51, 76, 129, 143 and 153.

Route Adjustments were also made to Route 21 and Route 24 in the Fullerton Park-and-Ride area.

Bus News

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Discontinued Weekday Trips

As part of OCTA’s on-going bus service review, the following early morning weekday and late evening weekday trips were identified as lightly-used trips or carrying very few riders. As a result of low ridership on these weekday trips, they will be discontinued and the service hours will be reallocated to other routes where service demand is greater.

Route 51:
Northbound:  4:50 am & 9:45 pm
Southbound:  9:41 pm

Route 76:
Eastbound:  10:14 pm

Route 129:
Eastbound:  4:47 am, 10:52 pm & 11:49 pm
Westbound:  4:42 am, 10:48 pm & 11:38 pm

Route 143:
Eastbound:  3:34 am & 11:06 pm

Route 153:
Northbound: 10:34 pm & 11:36 pm
Southbound: 3:56 am & 11:36 pm

Route 25:
All 17 short-turn weekday trips on Route 25 that operate between the Fullerton Park-and-Ride and the Buena Park Metrolink Station will be discontinued due to very low ridership. All regular trips will remain intact, and will be adjusted to meet existing demand and Metrolink train times.

Route Adjustments

Minor route adjustments will be made to the following routes near the Fullerton Park-and-Ride and the Buena Park Metrolink Station due to low ridership. The service hours will be reallocated to other routes where service demand is greater.

Route 21:
Weekdays, All Trips: The segment between Buena Park Metrolink Station and Fullerton Park-and-Ride will be discontinued. Route 25 will continue to provide service between these two locations and schedules will be adjusted to meet Metrolink train times. Connections from the discontinued stops can be made using Routes 25, 26 or 35.

Discontinued stops:

Westbound Eastbound
7732 (Dale/Artesia) 1976 (Fullerton Park-and-Ride, Dock 12)
793 (Commonwealth/Dale) 1866 (Orangethorpe/Auto Center)
8178 (Commonwealth/Edward) 1853 (Magnolia/Porter)
1857 (Magnolia/Commonwealth) 1854 (Magnolia/Olive)
869 (Magnolia/Valencia) 1856 (Magnolia/Valencia)
870 (Magnolia/Olive) 1765 (Commonwealth/Edward)
1858 (Magnolia/Orangethorpe) 8253 (Dale/Artesia0
1976 (Fullerton Park-and-Ride, Dock 12  


Route 24:
Weekdays, All Trips: In an effort to provide more direct service to Metrolink users east of the station and more direct service between California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) and the station, Route 24 will be re-routed to the Buena Park Metrolink Station and will no longer serve the Fullerton Park-and-Ride. Service will be discontinued on Gilbert between Malvern & Commonwealth. Route 24 riders currently boarding and/or transferring at the Fullerton Park-and-Ride may use Route 26, which serves Downtown Fullerton and CSUF.

Discontinued stops:

Northbound Southbound
1801 (Gilbert/Malvern) 1976 (Fullerton Park-and-Ride, Dock 9)
1802 (Gilbert/Moore) 1866 (Orangethorpe/Auto Center)
1803 (Gilbert/Raymer) 1853 (Magnolia/Porter)
1761 (Commonwealth/Gilbert) 1854 (Magnolia/Olive)
1762 (Commonwealth/Jensen) 1856 (Magnolia/Valencia)
1763 (Commonwealth/Pritchard) 1704 (Commonwealth/Magnolia)
1857 (Magnolia/Commonwealth) 1705 (Commonwealth/Pritchard)
869 (Magnolica/Valencia) 1798 (Gilbert/Commonwealth)
870 (Magnolia/Olive) 1799 (Gilbert /Raymer)
1858 (Magnolia/Orangethorpe) 1705 (Gilbert/Moore)
1973 (Fullerton Park-and-Ride, Dock 9)