Orange County Transportation Authority

Routes and Schedules


Finding the right route and schedule for your travel needs

OCTA’s bus system offers you 77 different routes and nearly 6,200 bus stops to take you wherever you need to go in Orange County and beyond. These routes are broken into categories to better serve you. Local and community routes travel between cities, and closer to home. Express routes travel on freeways to get there quicker. And our Stationlink service takes you from Metrolink train stations to your work center.
eBusbook (Bus Schedules)
View and download the entire bus book, individual routes and schedules or create a personalized bus book. You can create a customized book with the bus and train routes you use the most. You can even include information on fares, riding tips, and connecting transit information. The best part is you can view it online, print it, or even share it with friends. (Don’t forget to check the Riders’ Alerts section for updates that could affect your route). Create your eBusbook now. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
System Map
View our countywide system map to determine the best route to reach your destination. Getting around Orange County using our system map is easy. Just locate your starting point then ending point and use the grid of bus routes to find the route(s) that most closely serves those points. Occasionally, you will need to use more than one bus to get to your destination.