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A Youth Bus Pass Means Independence!
When it is time for kids to have some independence, our youth pass programs offer a way for them to get around the county in a clean and safe way. Bus travel is one of the safest ways to get around Orange County, and it’s affordable. Kids ages 6-18 can get a discounted 30-Day Youth Pass, or buy a Summer Youth Pass (June – August) for extra savings. The bus will take them anywhere they need to go.

A Smart Investment
The youth pass program is priced right. OCTA offers youth ages 6-18, a 30-Day pass for only $40.00 a month for unlimited use on all fixed-route busses. During the summer months (June – August), check out the even more affordable 30-Day Summer Youth Bus Pass for just $20.00.


Just Ask Kids and Teens
As part of our youth outreach program, OCTA conducted youth focus group research throughout Orange County (ages 11 to 18). The research was compelling:

  • The bus gave youth freedom or independence.
  • They are most likely to ride the bus when parents felt that riding the bus was both advantageous and safe.
  • After riding the bus, they thought the process was easy.
  • Most rides are for leisure-time activities.
  • Travelling with a friend or group increased sense of safety.

Teaching kids how to ride the bus and encouraging youth to ride fosters a greater sense of independence at this critical stage of their development. Navigating around the community by bus also builds a sense of confidence young people can use for rest of their lives.

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Bus Riding 101
If you’ve never ridden the bus, you might be a little nervous about figuring out how to get where you’re going. Don’t worry – it isn’t rocket science. If you can read, use a computer or dial a phone you can plan a bus trip.

To get started, visit our online trip planner. Got a question about riding the bus, bus fares or passes? Visit our How to Ride section or contact us directly and we'll get an answer for you!

We’ll Even Come to You
That’s right. The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) offers a free program for Kids and Teens on "How to Ride the Bus" for both schools and youth organizations.

A professional from OCTA will come to your location, at a time you select, to teach youth groups and teens how to ride the bus. Our presentation is lively and informative, and at the end, participants receive one one-day bus passes so they can try the bus first-hand with a friend or parent. It’s making a difference.

To learn more or schedule your appointment, email us at or call Lauren Thompson at 714-560-5349.

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