New 5 Rides Pass

OCTA is aware that the fare increase will be difficult for some customers. Based on customer feedback, OCTA will begin offering the new 5 Rides Pass. This new pass offers 5 rides for $9, which is only $1.80 per ride – offering a 10% discount off cash fare.

This pass is different than other OCTA passes in that you do not swipe the pass, but you dip the pass into the farebox for each use. Once the pass is dipped in the farebox, it will be stamped on the back of the pass with the time, date and number of rides used. After the 5th dip in the farebox, the pass will be imprinted with “EXPIRED TICKET” and the pass will no longer be valid.

Another benefit of the new 5 Rides Pass is that the bus rides can be taken at anytime, they do not need to be taken on consecutive days and there is no expiration date. After the 5th use of the pass, the pass will expire.

The new 5 Rides Pass is NOT available on board buses. This is a prepaid bus pass and is available at most OCTA pass sales locations. There are no additional discounts for youth or seniors.

The new 5 Rides Pass is valid for use beginning February 10, 2013.