Employer Pass

employers pass

A great opportunity for employees and employers
Transportation may be weighing heavily on your company and employees. It is time to take advantage of our Annual Employee Pass Program, and eliminate some of the stress that your employee encounters while commuting to work. Plus, the employer can also benefit by reducing payroll taxes while participating in a mass transit program!

Here is how it works:

An employee will be provided with a swipe-card
OCTA’s Annual Employer Pass is a swipe-card that can be used on any local OCTA fixed-route bus. All the employee needs to do is swipe their card in the farebox every time they board the bus. That’s it, no fuss! The employee pass swipe-card is provided by OCTA free of charge. In order to qualify for OCTA’s Annual Employer Pass Program, your company only needs 25 or more bus-riding employees.

Fare per ride
We are excited to offer you our lowest available fare yet! Each ride costs only $1.25 per boarding with a maximum of $69.00 per month, per employee, no matter how many bus rides were taken. The ridership is tracked by OCTA and the employer is sent a monthly billing summary for easy processing.

Benefits for employees
Not only will employees save money on transportation costs, but they will also enjoy benefits that include:

  • A stress-free commute that gets them to work on time.
  • No need to buy daily or monthly passes.
  • Employee will be provided with a free swipe-card.
  • Passes are good any time, any day, on all OCTA local bus routes.
  • If swipe-card is lost or stolen, OCTA can deactivate card within 24 hours.

Benefits for employers
Employees aren’t the only ones who win. OCTA’s Annual Employer Pass Program offers employers benefits that include:

  • A simplified administrative process since it is all done electronically.
  • Employers can reduce their payroll taxes by participating in a mass transit program.
  • Decrease cost on parking spaces allocated for employees.

Let’s get started!
By attending a meeting with OCTA to discuss the Annual Employer Pass Program, we will reward your company with 10 free daily passes (a $50 value). With these passes, employees can experience the convenience and ease of taking an OCTA bus to work.

If you have any questions feel free to call us at (714) 560-5358 or email us at employerpass@octa.net.