Orange County Transportation Authority

State Route 91 Advisory Committee

Senate Bill 1316, as successor to Assembly Bill 1010, the enabling legislation for the Orange County Transportation Authority’s purchase of the State Route 91 toll road, calls for the creation of an Advisory Committee composed of 10 voting members and three non-voting members.

The voting members of the Advisory Committee consist of five members from Orange County Transportation Authority Board of Directors and five members from the Riverside County Transportation Commission.  The non-voting members are composed of the California Department of Transportation district directors from Districts 8 and 12, and a member of the San Bernardino Associated Governments.

The membership of the State Route 91 Advisory Committee is as follows:

Orange County Transportation Authority
Michael Hennessey
Al Murray – Vice Chairman
Shawn Nelson
Todd Spitzer
Tom Tait
Jeffrey Lalloway, Alternate
Tim Shaw, Alternate

Riverside County Transportation Commission
Ben Benoit
Bob Magee 
Berwin Hanna – Chairman
Karen Spiegel
John Tavaglione
Kevin Jeffries, Alternate

California Department of Transportation
Ryan Chamberlain, District Director, District 12, Ex-Officio
John Bulinski, Interim District Director, District 8, Ex-Officio

San Bernardino Associated Governments
Ed Graham, Ex-Officio

If you have any questions regarding this committee, please email Olga Pradoor call 714 560-5439.