Orange County Transportation Authority


The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) Government Relations Department is comprised of State and Federal Relations, a Grants section, and the Regional Initiatives Department. The Government Relations Division is responsible for monitoring, analyzing, and responding to government actions and decisions that affect how OCTA receives funding, plans for projects and delivers services.
OCTA's Government Relations Department maintains an active presence at all levels of government to ensure that OCTA's interests are well represented in these various forums. Government Relations accomplishes this goal by:

  • Establishing and maintaining productive relations with elected officials and their staff.
  • Establishing and maintaining working relationships with federal and state regulatory bodies and departments, including the Federal Transit Administration, Federal Highway Administration, California Transportation Commission, and the California Department of Transportation.
  • Coordinating the development and advocacy of OCTA's state and federal legislative platforms.
  • Reviewing, tracking, analyzing, and coordinating advocacy efforts on legislation and regulatory proposals impacting OCTA.
  • Serving as a liaison to, and between, OCTA and Orange County cities, the County of Orange and other special districts throughout the County.
  • Managing and maintaining a competitive grants program to strategically seek and obtain federal, state, and local grant funds for Orange County transportation improvements.