Board Actions

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Meeting of January 26, 2014

2015 Board of Directors strategic initiatives

Chairman Jeff Lalloway presented the board’s strategic initiatives for 2015. At the beginning of each year, the initiatives are announced to set the tone and direction for programs and projects in the year ahead. For 2015, the 10 initiatives include:

  1. Deliver capital projects
  2. Advance reliable and modern transportation options
  3. Collaborate with local and regional partners
  4. Expand public awareness of OCTA programs/projects
  5. Benchmark ongoing OCTA programs
  6. Seek solutions in support of transportation investments
  7. Pursue innovative sustainability initiatives
  8. Promote active transportation
  9. Lead as the workplace of choice
  10. Streamline business systems to improve operations.

Sacramento advocates update board on state budget

OCTA’s Sacramento advocates Moira Topp and Darius Anderson presented the board with an overview of California Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget proposal and how it relates to transportation.

Topp told the board that the governor released a $158.8 billion budget, with a general fund of more than $113.3 billion, surpassing the “high-water mark” for a California state budget set in the 2007-08 fiscal year – prior to the recession.

However, while the state’s economy is rebounding, much of the governor’s attention is focused on helping the states K-12 education system, leaving many challenges in place for California’s transportation systems.

Declines in the gas tax are having a significant impact on transportation funding, including an identified $6 billion annual shortfall.

Gov. Brown appears to recognize many of those challenges, Topp said, and there is reason for renewed hope. He has convened legislators to find solutions to the state’s transportation funding challenges, including committees looking at a road-users charge, tolling and managed lanes and how to prioritize infrastructure improvements.

The state has also seen an increase in cap-and-trade funding – $200 million more than last year. A statewide call for projects begins in early February, so that money should begin flowing into communities soon after, Topp said, adding that it’s an exciting year for transportation.

Anderson added that a change to longer term limits in the state’s legislature has led to more stability in state politics. Members of the assembly and senate are becoming more focused on becoming policy experts and leaving a legacy. This is a positive trend for transportation because legislators are talking about finding long-term solutions.

Former Chairman Shawn Nelson sworn in for new ter

Director Shawn Nelson, who served as OCTA board chairman for 2014 and was re-elected in November to the county’s Board of Supervisors, was sworn in for a new term on the OCTA board at Monday’s meeting.

Nelson, a resident of Fullerton, began serving on the OCTA board in June 2010, when he was first elected to the Board of Supervisors as the Fourth District representative. He was re-elected last November with more than 83 percent of the vote. His current term on OCTA’s board expires in January 2019.