Board Actions

Meeting of April 13, 2015

Board gets update on construction projects underway

The board received an update on OCTA’s Capital Action Plan performance metrics, which assess progress on highway, grade separation, rail and facility projects.

Forty major project milestones are expected to be accomplished in fiscal year 2014-15. The report, which reflects work done through March, shows significant delivery progress has been made so far.

Major milestones met on schedule, include:

  • Construction contracts for both the eastern and western segments of the West County Connectors have been completed and accepted by Caltrans. The project created direct carpool links between SR-22, I-405 and I-605.
  • Design work has begun for the I-5 widening project between SR-73 and Oso Parkway.
  • The Federal Transit Administration has issued a Finding of No Significant Impact for the revised environmental assessment/final environmental impact report for the Santa Ana/Garden Grove Streetcar Project.  A notice of availability for the FONSI has been published.

OCTA staff will continue to monitor project costs and schedules to meet delivery goals.

Lease on 91 Express Lanes office extended for 15 years

The OCTA agreed to enter into an agreement for a 15-year lease extension on the 91 Express Lanes office in Anaheim.

The administrative office for the 91 Express Lanes has been at 180 N. Riverview Drive in Anaheim, just south of the 91 Express Lanes facility, since 1993. It occupies 9,346 square feet and houses a data center, office space and the traffic operations center.

The Riverside County Transportation Commission is in the process of extending the 91 Express Lanes into Riverside County; they are expected to open in January 2017. OCTA and RCTC will jointly operate the Express Lanes, which requires more space to accommodate RCTC staff and additional equipment. To meet these needs, an additional 2,639 square feet is being leased, for a total of 11,985 square feet.

RCTC will pay the rent on the 2,639 square feet from Jan. 1, 2016 until the lanes open. After that, OCTA and RCTC will split the cost of the total leased space.

The lease also includes a $50,000 tenant improvement allowance that’s available for infrastructure improvements. There is an option to renew for an additional five years at the end of the lease term.

The total 15-year cost of the extension, including lease costs and other expenses, is $7.1 million. That’s about $3 million less than what it would cost OCTA to lease a new location, and about $9 million less than what it would cost to buy a building at a new location, studies by OCTA staff show.   

10-year review of Measure M2 projects underway

OCTA is currently carrying out a 10-year review of projects funded under Measure M2, the one-half cent sales tax for transportation improvements administered by the OCTA.

Renewed by nearly 70 percent of Orange County voters in 2006, Measure M aims to reduce traffic congestion and enhance mobility by, among other things, improving key freeways, maintaining streets and synchronizing traffic signals.

Measure M2 includes a 30-year transportation investment plan that covers various projects and programs, and calls for a review of these at least every 10 years.

The review will, among other things, identify OCTA’s progress in implementing the plan, gauge public support for the plan, and evaluate estimated project and program costs and the capacity of sales tax revenue through 2041.

If issues are identified during the review, recommendations for plan revisions will be made to the board as needed.

A final report will be brought to the board in early 2016.