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  • Board Actions

    • Meeting of July 10, 2017
      • Board Recognizes OCTA’s 2017 High School Interns
      • OC Active Transportation Plan Underway
      • Board Hears Update on SB 1 - The Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017
    • Board Recognizes OCTA’s 2017 High School Interns

      The Board of Directors recognized 15 high school students who participated in a six-week internship program.

      The students worked in a variety of departments throughout the agency and for participating in the program, each will receive a $600 scholarship from United Way.

      OCTA Director and Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait and Anaheim Union School District Superintendent Michael Matsuda worked with OCTA staff to make this possible for the ambitious high school seniors.

      The internships through OCTA are offered to students from Anaheim Union High School District who are participating in Anaheim’s Innovative Mentoring Experience. The program provides the students with lessons about life readiness, college and career advancement.

    • OC Active Transportation Plan Underway

      The first countywide active transportation plan is being developed in Orange County through a project called OC Active. The purpose of the plan is to evaluate the counties needs and make recommendations for active transportation, bicycle and pedestrian, improvements across Orange County.

      Earlier this year a consultant was selected by the board to work with cities and develop the plan. OC Active will help guide local agency efforts to secure funding and implement infrastructure improvements, support regional mobility needs and empower local jurisdictions to provide a responsive transportation network.

      OCTA is working with the 34 cites in Orange County, the county and other stakeholders to prepare the OC Active plan.

      The board was presented with the draft goals of OC Active:

      • Advance Strategic Walking and Biking Network
      • Enhance Walking and Biking Access to Transit
      • Improve High-Need Pedestrian Areas
      • Reduce Pedestrian and Bicyclist Collisions
      • Strengthen Stakeholder Partnerships
      • Incorporate Diverse Community Perspectives
      • Leverage Funding Opportunities

      An update to the board is scheduled for August, and the final report is scheduled for completion in late 2018.

    • Board Hears Update on SB 1 - The Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017

      The board received an overview of SB 1, the Road Repair and Accountability Act, which is estimated to provide $52.5 billion in state funding for transportation purposes over the next 10 years. Investments are targeted towards fix-it-first projects on local streets and roads, highways, transit operations and maintenance, capital investments, and active transportation.

      SB 1 is expected to provide an additional $18 million in new transit funding per year for Orange County. It also will nearly double local street and roads funding for each city and the county, with an emphasis on projects that improve pavement condition, enhance safety, implement complete street elements, and upgrade traffic control devices. The estimated additional annual amount of up to $118 million will significantly reduce Orange County’s pavement rehabilitation backlog.

      The funding for SB 1 comes from an increase in gasoline and diesel taxes, beginning November of this year, as well as other fees. SB 1 also includes accountability measures for California Department of Transportation and local agencies.

      The California Transportation Commission, California State Transportation Agency and Caltrans are working on guidelines to distribute funding through the various SB 1 programs. OCTA is providing input into the development of the developments and will return to the board with updates and to approve project applications.

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