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  • Board Actions

    • Meeting of May 9, 2016
      • Bus service changes coming in June
      • I-405 Improvement Project moves forward with cooperative agreements
      • Fare policy study results presented
    • Bus service changes coming in June

      The OCTA board received a presentation on the June 2016 bus service change program, the first of two major service changes to be implemented as part of the OC Bus 360° Program.

      Routine adjustments will be made to 26 routes, and 13 routes will be affected by OC Bus 360°, a plan aimed at increasing bus ridership.

      Four routes will have significantly improved schedule frequencies, while four routes will be discontinued wholly or in part. Two new OCTA bus routes will be implemented.

      The changes include:

      • A new Route 150 to serve most of the bus stops served by the discontinued Routes 51 and 145
      • A new weekday Bravo! Route 560, which will offer limited-stop service and speed up travel times between Santa Ana and Long Beach along Route 60, which will continue to operate.
      • Modifications to Routes 35, 54 and 76
      • Routes 51, 145, 172 and 173 will be discontinued. Saturday service on Route 178 will also be discontinued.

      For details, visit

    • I-405 Improvement Project moves forward with cooperative agreements

      The OCTA board approved three cooperative agreements for the I-405 Improvement Project.

      The $1.9 billion project will improve commute times on the San Diego Freeway (I-405) from the SR-73 to the I-605, an area traveled by more than 370,000 vehicles a day, making it the busiest stretch of highway in the nation.

      The project, set to begin construction in 2017, includes adding one regular general-purpose lane in each direction – as promised in Measure M – and building express toll lanes.

      The cooperative agreements are with:

      • The Orange County Flood District because the project includes improvements to numerous district-owned and maintained flood channels and storm drains throughout the project limits
      • The Orange County Sanitation District because the project will impact district facilities in Fountain Valley
      • The city of Seal Beach because the project includes improvements to city-owned and operated streets and traffic facilities
    • Fare policy study results presented

      The OCTA board received an update on a fare policy study conducted by a consultant as part of a larger plan to reverse a near-decade trend of declining bus ridership.

      The study examined ways to increase ridership and included a number of recommendations. OCTA staff is reviewing the study’s findings and analyzing the recommendations to determine what impacts implementing them would have on revenue needed to operate the bus system.

      The recommendations being analyzed include:

      • Reducing the price of the Day Pass from $5 to $4, which will increase boardings by an estimated 1.2 million per year
      • Charge $4 instead of $2 for express routes within Orange County, and $7 instead of the current $4 to $6 fare for express routes that cross the county line
      • Eliminate the 5-Ride Pass and the 7-Day Pass because they account for less than 1 percent of pass usage and their elimination would simplify the fare structure
      • Offer veterans the same discount as seniors and the disabled
      • Establish three zones within the county and charge ACCESS riders based on the number of zones they travel through, to help offset the more expensive cost to deliver longer trips

      The results of the study will be presented to various OCTA committees to elicit feedback before OCTA staff develops formal recommendations for consideration by the board.

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