Environmental Mitigation Program

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Environmental Mitigation Program

Project contact
Marissa Espino
Community Relations Officer
(714)560-5607 | mespino@octa.net

Land Preservation in Orange County

Acquired properties to permanently preserve as open space. Funded restoration projects to restore preserved open space lands to their native habitat.

Funding Allocation

Working in collaboration with the State and Federal wildlife agencies, OC Go's Environmental Mitigation Program allocates funds to acquire land and fund habitat restoration projects to offset the environmental impacts of OC Go freeway projects.

This Program represents the culmination of years of collaboration and support of environmental communities.

In November 2010, the Board allocated $42 million to purchase open space in Orange County. To date, OCTA has acquired more than 1,300 acres in Brea, Laguna Beach, Silverado Canyon, and Trabuco Canyon. Collectively named the Preserves.

Additionally, a total of 12 restoration projects have been funded throughout Orange County. Approximately $10 million has been allocated to restore about 350 acres of open space land.

Together, this effort ensures 13 sensitive species are protected in their native habitat.

An endowment has been established to pay for the long-term management of the Preserves. Additional preserve acquisitions will be dependent on the sales tax revenue stream and a fully funded endowment, which is estimated by 2030.

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projects funded


Allocated to restore 350 acres of open space land

Conservation Plan

A conservation plan developed to protect the natural habitat and wildlife on OCTA's Preserves was finalized in spring 2017.

In conjunction with the conservation plan, Resources Management Plans (RMP) were being developed for each acquired Preserve. These plans outline how the Preserves are protected, how they are managed, and addresses public access.

RMPs for the Trabuco Rose, Wren's View, Live Oak Creek, and Bobcat Ridge Preserves were finalized in late 2017. The RMPs for the Eagle Ridge and Pacific Horizon Preserves are expected to be completed in 2018.

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