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Investment Plan

The Measure M Investment Plan features specific transportation improvements. The following projects, programs, and services will help improve Orange County’s current and future transportation needs.

Freeway Projects
A I-5 Improvements between SR-55 and SR-57
B I-5 Improvements between SR-55 and El Toro “Y”
C I-5 Improvements south of El Toro “Y”
D I-5 Local Interchange Upgrades
E SR-22 Freeway Access Improvements
F SR-55 Freeway Access Improvements
G SR-57 Freeway Improvements
H SR-91 Improvements between I-5 and SR-57
I SR-91 Improvements between SR-57 and SR-55
J SR-91 Improvements between SR-55 and Riverside County Line
K I-405 Improvements between I-605 and SR-55
L I-405 Improvements between SR-55 and I-5
M I-605 Freeway Access Improvements
N Freeway Service Patrol*
  Environmental Mitigation
  (5% of Freeway Program)

Street and Road Projects*
O Regional Capacity Program
P Regional Traffic Signal Synchronization Program
Q Local Fair Share Program

Transit Projects*
R High Frequency Metrolink Service
S Transit Extensions to Metrolink
T Metrolink Gateways
U Expand Mobility Choices for Seniors & Persons w/ Disabilities
V Community Based Transit/Circulators
W Safe Transit Stops

Environmental Cleanup*
X Clean Up Highway and Street Runoff that Pollutes Beaches

Taxpayer Safeguards and Audits*
  Collect Sales Taxes (State charges required by law)
  Oversight and Audits

2014 Taxpayer Oversight Committee