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Measure M has improved new lanes for motorists on State Route 91 (SR-91) and progress was made on several freeway projects throughout Orange County.

Measure M is funding 14 projects as part of the freeway improvement program. Through the M2020 Plan, the OCTA Board approved expediting delivery of the freeway program with the goal of completing two-thirds of the Measure M freeway program by 2020. Nearly every major Orange County freeway will benefit from Measure M with the addition of new lanes, improved on- and off-ramps, reconfigured interchanges and soundwalls.

New Lanes Opened on SR-91 In March 2013, OCTA and Caltrans opened a new six-mile lane in each direction of SR-91 between State Route 55 (SR-55) and State Route 241 (SR-241). PROJECT J

SR-91, between State Route 57 (SR-57) and Interstate 5 (I-5) Early in 2013, OCTA and Caltrans broke ground on a new, four-mile, westbound general-purpose lane on SR-91 between SR-57 and I-5 with completion expected in 2016. PROJECT H

SR-57 Northbound Widening Project Construction continued on a new northbound general purpose lane from north of SR-91 to Lambert Road and from Katella Avenue to Lincoln Avenue. Completion is expected in 2014. PROJECT G

I-5/State Route 74 (SR-74) Ortega Interchange Caltrans began reconstruction of the interchange at the SR-74 in San Juan Capistrano. The project will improve traffic flow at this busy interchange. PROJECT D

Freeway Service Patrol Improvements The Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) expanded midday and weekend coverage to provide additional contracted tow truck service for disabled vehicles on the freeway system. New tracking and data applications have increased efficiency. PROJECT N